Annie Connole
Annie Connole
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Is this a castle in the sand ?

Am I sand in the castle?

No, I’m just the beating heart.


Published Work


"Annie Connole is the real deal. A writer of uncommon nuance, she goes her own way, mixing text and image, poetry (or poetic intention) and starkly vivid prose to trace a landscape where the inner and the outer, the human and the elemental, merge into the landscape of the mythic, which is, of course, the landscape we all traverse each day. Her writing is fierce, her perspective sharp but also open -- to both the differences and affinities between her and what she sees. Call it an engagement, art as the pursuit of deep connection, both to ourselves and the natural world. This is writing that enlarges us as we read."



Annie Connole is an essayist and playwright living in the Mojave Desert.  She was born and raised in the rocky highlands of Helena, Montana.  Annie received a B.A. from The New School where she studied art and philosophy and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from University of California Riverside - Palm Desert. Her essays have appeared in Writers Resist , zimzum, and The Rumpus

Currently, Annie is working on Fascination Road, a book-length collection of essays that offer a vivid, poetic exploration of violence, love, impermanence, the sacred and the profane in the creosote starred landscape of the Mojave Desert.  The essays form a distinctive portrait of a place where people and animals are bound together by their vulnerability. 




Education + Influences

The New School
BA Arts in Context 2007

University of California Riverside - Palm Desert
MFA Creative Writing 2018

The Darkroom Academy

Golden Dome School


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