Fascination Road

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Owl, Swimming

I find a photo in an old National Geographic that remains in my mind— an owl, a sky animal, wings spread wide, engaged in the beautiful work of working upstream.  The owl is not looking back.  It stays with the journey.  There must be a reason it is swimming the river.   It must need something that can only be attained through that passage. 


The image is astounding, so I share the image with my friends.  Later, when I’m next door holding baby goats, Dave, my neighbor says, That picture of the owl…  Last night, in a dream I saw Ishkitini. 

Who is that?  I ask.

Owl, in my mythology, he says. Some say the owl is a bringer of death but sometimes that death is just a change.  A change is coming.  Yesterday I saw an owl in the cloud formations.  So that makes three sightings.  Ishkitini.